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Bicipital exercises a method more, also be whole taking exercise is a the commonnest kind of method that take exercise among the process, because 2 flesh are more apparent, take exercise proper the effect that conduces to form of whole figure model, can use a few dumbbell to undertake taking exercise, additionally barbell of hammer type dumbbell takes exercise is commonner, and exercise bicipital moment, needs ground is exceedingly little also, take exercise rise to also compare handy.

Experienced the behavioral method with 2 best flesh

1, inclined board dumbbell turn is lifted

Will inclined board attune comes 45 ° horn, the two arms nature that lets you is flagging. you hind back is in inclined board on, force of lest have the aid of is inertial other perhaps position. The arm that carries you stands by your trunk, dumbbell swings to cause sarcous loss easily at will in aerial.

2, hammer type dumbbell is bentA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Those who emphasize particularly on is humerus the place of 2 flesh short head, also meet at the same time indirect forgeFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum
Refine arrives humerus oar flesh. You are OK single hand crosses humeral ministry, OK also two tactics palm is done together relatively. Note the alternative of dumbbell weight, how old weight can hurt your artifice.

Experienced the behavioral method with 2 best flesh

3, barbell turn is lifted

The purpose of this movement puts weight in humerus entirely namely above 2 flesh, avoiding barbell is excessive in sky shake. This is one exercises humerus traditionally quite bicipital movement, to inchoate person the proposal is used grasp widely together with the shoulder be apart from, shorten two tactics distance gradually according to the circumstance again next.

Accomplish 21

Gross cent is the action that cites your turn 3 groups, every groups 7, gross 21. The proposal puts this motion in front of of other sport, to abecedarian, can do two groups first, like thatLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Be in afterNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Last groups increase weight.

4, turn of thin arm dumbbell is lifted

The station is worn it is OK to do or sitting to do, this movement is notable is to want slow come down, benefit dominates whole action with force. But the proposal is to sitting to finish, because of the power that the arm can use adequately when sitting. Above the ham that puts your elbow in you, when upgrade carries, dominate time in 2 seconds, downward when dominate time in 4 seconds. You are not to be over quickly inside this motionLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Become or combustion is caloric, the accurate to behavioral spirit control that you want.

5, EZ barbell turn is lifted

Experienced the behavioral method with 2 best flesh Forum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby

Adopt the kind that holding to use EZ barbell to finish a turn to lift, the small arm that when the arm goes up, notices the limit is to achieve you and ground are perpendicular. At the same time this motion still can exercise a lot of place besides humerus oar flesh.

6, exalted pulling force implement the turn is lifted

Use two pulling force implement, stand in two pulling force implement among, two tactics is grasped respectively maintain a pulling force implement, the body presents ” T ” model. Next the body goes downward, present the pose of a forward lunge, the attention maintains elbow to show 45 ° , next the arm makes fist is gone to forcibly oneself temporal stand by.

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