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Believe everybody has been done crouch motion greatly, going up for instance gym when, sports teacher can guide everybody to do crouch motion greatly, before moving at ordinary times additionally, also can do a few crouch motion greatly to help warm up, be worth what carry is, broad office worker perhaps is in the office to be able to be done in the home at ordinary times crouch greatly, it is very easy that this movement is done, and have a lot of effect, so is the man done crouch greatly but with Zhuang Yang?

Crouch Zhuang Yang effect greatly how?

Crouch Zhuang Yang effect greatly:

The male crouchs greatly enhance sexual function apparently

In Greek Ao Lin be equal to inferior on hill, engraving a classical maxim: “Want to become an eligible man? Ran! ” carry kinetic energy enhances sexual function, it is beyond question, nevertheless Zhang Muchuan of graduate student of doctor of university of medicine of Beijing doctor of traditional Chinese medicine suggests, want to have better Zhuang Yang effect, best key is done do crouch greatly wait for movement of below half body.

For the angle from the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, “Kinetic energy gives birth to this world ” , the person can move the in relief gas of airframe below athletic condition, in relief gas is enough, men go up naturally in the bed ” tiger Hu Shengwei ” . And for the angle from Western medicine, carry kinetic energy promotes the activation of whole airframe nerve, muscle, internal system. Accordingly, men think Zhuang Yang, move first, this is surefooted.

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Be worth to recommend move effectively simply again already means. Crouching greatly for instance is training of a kind of force, can exercise power of muscle of the waist, coxal, femoral well. Turn the waist is an axis with hip joint namely, whole upper part of the body is done substantially surround movement. Dr. Zhang Muchuan says, of male sex function lose by force, the key depends on leaving half body, answer to put the emphasis that take exercise in lumbar abdomen especiallyForum of Shanghai night net

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, the place such as rachis, lower limbs.

And do the splits can the muscle of the side after inside of ham of utmost ground drawing is mixed. In addition1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Often still can do do Puladi, gem gal to wait loosen, extend moves. These exercise means to be able to strengthen the key muscle that participates in sexual activity on one hand group force, also can promote the harmonious balance of airframe on the other hand, it is the male helps the gender, campaign that add a gender best.

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Mu Chuan says, did not forget to often be done at ordinary times do the old exercise that carry anus, both neither needs space, not show one’s feelings, the result is right however, it is the Zhuang Yang petty action that is worth to recommend most.

Crouch Zhuang Yang effect greatly how?

Crouch greatly one day to make much more budding this world

1, the novice crouchs an exercise greatly it is good that 30 are controlled

If do not have gymnastical habit, of first time crouch an exercise greatly not to suggest to do too much, the amount can be controlled control in 30. Nevertheless morning and evening can be done each. What firm contact crouchs greatly is OK understanding is mainNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Send power position, best when the exercise can affirm a pose to the mirror.

The novice can crouch partly from the exercise, sofa crouchs greatly begin, must not crouch greatly with respect to experienced barbell at the beginning etc load training, what that can aggravating body gets hurt is likely, let leave pair of psychology shadows that crouch greatly.

The sofa that attach old people also can practice crouchs greatly use a figure a piece of ~

Crouch Zhuang Yang effect greatly how?

2, gymnastical veteran practice crouchs do according to one’s abilities greatly

Even if to oneselfForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Leg buttock force very confident fitness veteran, small make up also do not suggest one day more than 100 times to crouch greatly. Lack ham force and coxal special training, one-time too big training is measured or can bring about muscle ache. Additional, blindly pursuit ” crouch low ” can give knee joint aggravating responsibility instead, do not suggest to crouch too low, coxal slightly good under knee joint. Additional, even if often fitness, load not blindly also crouch greatly, crouch greatly must master correct pose, and the means of correct hair force that leg ministry cooperates lower limbs. The proposal drills in gymnastical teaching guide next scientific ground ” crouch ” .

Every groups practice should giving his the breathing space of not less than 30 seconds.

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