” corpse world war ” emitter of new premonitory shrapnel kills funeral cadaver not to have pressure

Now ” corpse world war ” the government was announced new premonitory, the edge tool that video introduced to destroy funeral dead body quickly — shrapnel emitter. Funeral cadaver tide will raid, need to take out its wanton and indiscriminate bombing only, live be without pressure. Newest and premonitory:
” corpse world war ” advocate hit playing a way is collaboration of much person maniple the funeral cadaver charge that answers group, in addition game still includes much person to be opposite battle mode and the much person that include funeral dead body are right battle mode. Game will supply a variety of 30 different weapons, include rifle of bomb of combustion bottle, C4, canister, machine gun and rocket launcher, the player is returned can the barbette of ack-ack of have the aid of, circumgyrate, tinsel that take thorn guard defense line. ” corpse world war ” in have 6 kinds of professions, it is the arms of the gunman, fierce ghost, person that annihilate, medical treatment, member that allocate and terminator respectively, every profession has special ability and game color. Define powerful weapon oneself, so that handle more and more formidable challenge. ” corpse world war ” will on April 16 put on sale, land 3 big platform, support Chinese. Video cut pursues:

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