Breathtaking have rate exceed user of Switch of half the number to had bought Saierda, carriage and Maliao

If you are the user that has leader of a Switch, so the shop sign that you can have very big probability to also had bought a few heaven blows hard. Show according to the sales volume data of American area, ” Saierda is fabulous: Wild breath ” , ” Maliao cycle racing 8 luxurious edition ” and ” super Maliao: Odyssey ” have mediumly in Switch user rate exceeded half the number. IGN is the closest undertook interviewing to holding the post of president of heaven North America to hold COO Reggie Fils-Aime concurrently, when the success that asks Switch place is obtained, he is right Ren Tiantang of work of one party tall attract rate refer commentate. “These 3 game are right hold of our lead plane person attract rate exceeded 50% . In Switch player, there is to had been bought at least in every two people ” Saierda ” , there is at least in every two people ” carriage ” , there is not to had been bought at least in two people ” Odyssey ” , this kind of phenomenon never still has appeared on electronic game history of the United States. ” apparent Ren Tiantang is very satisfactory to the current situation, and the meaning that a bit should not stop, after drawing a lesson from Wii U body especially. “We had rolled out many lead plane, had known how ability drives the progress of a lead plane. We once had experienced the hour that loses ongoing momentum, should master the frequency that your work releases the most crucially namely among them, next year we can have a few crucial work to want to be shown to the player again came up. ” although Fils-Aime is already special to the user amount of Ren Tiantang Switch satisfactory, but still think to give this lead plane to make conclusions now return premature. “From the point of my angle, the optimal hour that has our expression and history contrasting should be when Christmas schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater ends. To in those days this lead plane appears on the market to have probably 21 months, such leader that before we can contrast, put on sale passes, undertake comprehensive summary. And this also suits us to review the current situation very much, want how to continue this impetus next well. Our sales volume had exceeded GameCube, exceeded Wii U, how surmount other once more before acting leader will be the problem that we should consider next. How surmount other once more before acting leader will be the problem that we should consider next..

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