” destroy a soldier 3: Return ” MOD releases visual effect to promote in the round

” destroy a soldier 3 ” although as disparate as before a few work, but also be loved by a lot of players. Now, a complete face-lifting ” ruined soldier 3 ” MOD has come out, will inspect effect, sound effect, interface to be renovated thoroughly, in still joining original work even by the content of editing and rearrangement.

Fabricant Clear_strelok expresses, this face-lifting is finished on Sikkmod foundation, still used the material of Wulfen and Monoxead to be wrapped character additionally.

Returning strengthen version and Wulfen and Monoxead material to pledge the bag is made according to Sikkmod. These MOD ever were cited for many times, but because two material pledge the bag altered,a few same capable person pledge file, put in a few conflict so, also caused the image problem that a few nobody tackle.

This MOD still allows a player to adjust size of FOV eye shot, the choice resists toothed sort differently, support resolution of contemporary mainstream screen to wait. Anyhow, if you want to play afresh ” destroy a soldier 3 ” , must install this MOD.

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