” black is desert ” Europe caparison adds new occupation! Add arousal weapon prevue

 A few days ago, ” black is desert (Black Desert) ” Europe caparison deserved to believe cavalier of two new occupations and female cavalier again, the weapon that they use in the battle is sword He Gong commonly.

 In Korea edition ” black is desert ” in, as the propulsion of game process, all professions can obtain arousal weapon in game finally, after obtaining arousal weapon, of game play a law to be able to become completely different. Cite a case, the soldier will get both hands sword, female military spirit will get pike, sibylline will get big hook is waited a moment length a handle.

 The arousal weapon that new occupation cavalier can obtain finally is the blaze halberd of day of blast of a condole, this blaze halberd is full of violent blaze force, can melt into of instantaneous general enemy is cindery!

 Now day, the game of Korea developed business Pearl Abyss to give off a paragraph of extremely grand prevue, showed the powerful strength of weapon of new occupation arousal.

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