” X battle alarm: Apocalyptic ” newest conduct propaganda reflects evil spirit form daughter is locked up larynx on the verge of death or destruction

” X battle alarm: Apocalyptic ” will land American courtyard line on May 27, the conduct propaganda of film also is in in intensifying undertaking. Government of Fox movie industry is pushed special exposure the new conduct propaganda of a group of film is illuminated, form of king of apocalyptic, 10 thousand magnetism, demon female wait to show a body in succession.

Disclose in the prevue before be like herewith in that way, publicize form of the demon in illuminating female (Jenny Fulaolunsi) by apocalyptic (Oscar Yi Sake) lock larynx, the king of 10 thousand magnetism that; of on the verge of death or destruction regards 4 knights as (Si Binde of Michael Er law) , windstorm daughter (Yalishandelaxipu) in aid apocalypticly capacity exceeds below force even more, try with enemy life-and-death one wrestle, exceed capacity to be stabilized, have to rely on musical instrument (Suofeitena) help.

It is reported, ” X battle alarm: Apocalyptic ” new fund prevue will at American time on April 25 (Beijing time is a bit late now) release, will include a paragraph of demon among them between form daughter and fast silver about you the interesting dialog that pa is king of 10 thousand magnetism.

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