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Crunch evaporate is made and potato mud is become tomato patch, soft glutinous of potato mud mouthfeel, the entrance is changed namely very tastily. Potato mud way is simple, still can use stew, potato mud stew mixes potato mud the fleshFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Perfect and shirt-sleeve, very delicate, practice very the daily life of a family, be in the home to also can try to make.

How is potato mud stew done

1. beef is cut agglomerate (the beef that just bought had better freeze a little while first, ) of convenient stripping and slicing, what green ginger garlic cuts chunk is good, after heating oil, explode with green ginger garlic boiler, after frying a fragrance beef piece falls1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Break up in boiler fry, right amount cooking wine and half bowls of water are added after becoming angry basically, small fire stews ten minutes or so.

How is potato mud stew done

Stripping and slicing of 2. potato, carrot, the boiling water inside beef became little one partFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Potato piece and carrot are entered later, enter two bowls of water next (did not cross potato) , boil potato with conflagration, often insert potato with boiler shovel, look ripe (I added water 4 times when making potato, the easier shovel that stews tomato patch is brokenNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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How is potato mud stew done

3. modulation sauce: Mix half bowls of essence of garlic Chengdu thick chili sauce, chicken, pepper, water, fall into boiler, break potato shovel next, stop boiling water (it is OK to feel salty to perhaps work quite add againShanghai noble baby

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A bit water; Feel weak to be able to add bit of salt, the proposal uses a bit water to dissolve salt, still can stew potato) so.

If 4. likes to eat a lid to irrigate a meal, can fill come out to be built directly go up in the meal, add goluptious sweet garlic taste is good oh, if can match on one soup (with small soup bowl full-dress) , that can sell directly.

5. is small stick person: Like to eat the children’s footwear that contains beef of muscle head part to be able to buy that beef (do beef for the first time, bought to go casually) ; Everybody still can add a few other spice, say candy for example.

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