[palace of cure of purple perilla stalk shrinks] – of effect of _ of systole of uterus of _ of stalk of _ purple perilla

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Believe most person, in a problem that during be pregnant, encounters, can appear namely so palace shrinks, especially the puerpera of a few advanced age, may not stabilize because of oneself pregnancy, cause palace to shrink frequent, palace shrinks harm sex is very big, need accepts treatment to normal hospital. Remedial palace shrinks purple perilla stalk, this does not have scientific basis, and belong to folk prescription, suggest not to try easily.

Purple perilla stalk treats palace to shrink, is there scientific basis?

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Whether can purple perilla treat stalk palace to shrink

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Those who have the show that palace shrinks, such circumstance needs active treatment, just butShanghai night net

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Show, accurate mom are OK lie in bed rests, avoid to stimulate an uterus.

Purple perilla stalk treats palace to shrink, is there scientific basis?

If palace shrinks serious word, need hospital protects a fetus, do not believe to slant the folk prescription that believes soup of Bao of purple perilla stalk after you can be checked to obstetric outpatient service, take the drug that protect a fetus appropriately, do not use drug by oneself as far as possible, lest produce risk.

Purple perilla stalk treats palace to shrink, is there scientific basis?

Appear ahead of schedule when accurate mom the circumstance that palace shrinks, do not want excessive suspense, want to maintain good state of mind, accurate father also must take care of good wife, check in time to large hospital.

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Bao soup treats the folk prescription that palace shrinks, because be just the opposite to what one wished so likely.

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