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Now people everyday become special above food without the rule, such word can make negative charge of his gastric bowel line more, this moment must want to use clear the method that bowel comesShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Of improvement, can bring about the semiotic expression of defecate difficulty to appear otherwise, say to had better be recuperated namely through food so, having very much vegetable and fruit is to be able to have clear first-rately the effect that gastric bowel.

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 Clear bowel path discharges constellation

The biggest kind: MostShanghai night net

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Effective clear bowel is vegetable

All and fresh greenery is vegetable to constipation it is effectual, because contain rich prandial fiber. It is more in greenery dish alkalescent, the overmuch acidity material that can counteract the generation in the candy in food, flesh, egg and metabolization, make humoral keep alkalescent, keep clear of thereby the toxicant in blood. Often feed leaf of vegetable and optional turnip, bluenessShanghai noble baby

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Leaf of dish, cole, spinach, cabbage mustard, Chinese cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, wild cabbage.

The 2nd kind big: The most effective clear bowel fruit

Optional feed juice of citric, orange, shaddock, grape, sugar cane, green plum, apple, tomato to wait. Although fruit flavour shows acidity more, but can become in process of the metabolization inside body alkalescent, can make blood keeps alkalescent. Especially they can will accumulate the toxin in the cell ” deliquescent ” , final classics evacuates systematic eduction put oneself in another’s position outside. [2]

The key introduces banana:

Banana sex is cold, the person with some cold stomaches can wear banana evaporate eat, breakfast eats pretty good.

 Clear bowel path discharges constellation

The 3rd kind big: The most effective clear bowel potato kind

Yam has fight cancerous action

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The nutrient material that the effect that fight cancer has most in food is β – carotene (the body before vitamin A) , vitamin C and folic acid, and in yam 3 person content is richer. A small yam (about 2 double) what the human body that can provide 2 times amount requires vitamin A, 1/3 amount everyday what want vitamin C peace treaty everyday the folic acid; of 50 microgramme among them prep above of prandial fibrous content a bowl of oatmeal.

β – of carotene and vitamin C fight oxidation to conduce to counteractive oxidation should stimulating ribonucleic acid of pair of genetic material to oxigenate (the injury of DNA) , have the certain effect that fight cancer.

Often eat yam to conduce to the level of normal folic acid that maintains human body, content of the folic acid inside body crosses small conference to increase the risk that gets cancer. The prandial fiber of high content in yam has constipation of peristalsis of stimulative stomach bowel, precaution and tieA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The action of alvine rectum cancer.

 Clear bowel path discharges constellation

Yam is beneficial to a heart

Yam contains a lot ofpotassium, β – C of carotene, folic acid, vitamin and vitamin B6, these 5 kinds of composition all conduce to disease of precautionary heart and vessels. Potassium conduces to liquid of human body cell and electrolyte balance, maintain normal blood pressure and heart function.

β – carotene and vitamin C have fight fat qualitative oxidation, precaution the action of sclerosis of arterial congee appearance. Additional folic acid and vitamin B6 conduce to in reducing blood tall acerbity level of half Guang ammonia, latter can injure arterial blood-vessel, it is the independent and critical factor of cardiovascular disease.

The 4th kind big: The most effective clear bowel legume

Legume contains a lot ofrich protein not only, in soya bean, black soya bean, lima-bean it is to contain a lot ofrich starch in the miscellaneous beans besides 3 beanses kind food, prandial fiber is more also.

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