[pink of royal jelly freeze-dry suits a crowd] – of appropriate crowd of _ of _ collocation powder

Article introduction

There are a lot of people to often be preferred among the life have royal jelly, the main principle of royal jelly is to have nutrition more, want to be waited a moment compared with honey, nutrient price watch can reflect the advantage in respect of a few pairs of bodies to go up, and royal jelly also is very rare, the use use of royal jelly is very so much, the crowd that additionally royal jelly suits is very much also, also have very good conserve effect to skin respect.

Pink of royal jelly freeze-dry suits a crowd

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Introduce basically

Pink of royal jelly freeze-dry is the royal jelly that refrigerates with freezer course vacuum low temperature is dry come out, the royal jelly that is 3 kilograms freezer cold storage commonly makes noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch of 1 kilogram royal jelly freeze-dry. The content of the royal jelly acid in making 1 kilogram when come royal jelly powder at this moment is 3 times of the royal jelly that 1 kilogram of freezer refrigerates, because be in treatment process, royal jelly acid is won’t of prediction of a person’s luck in a given year.

Pink of royal jelly freeze-dry is to be below microtherm vacuum condition, the water in royal jelly divides raising of things to a higher level and depart from inside royal jelly, powder is made after smashing the royal jelly of evaporate, its are active and stable, deposit 3 years of quality to won’t be changed, and facilitating keep in storage and carry.

Pink of royal jelly freeze-dry suits a crowd

The flow that make

1. Principle

3 kinds of condition of water are decided by pressure and temperature. The metabolic relation of the pressure according to ice, water, vapor and temperature can form the three-phase of a water to concern, concern according to this three-phase, the nods evenly temperature that ice, water, gas can exist at the same time is 0.01 ℃ , intensity of pressure is 4.6mmHg. The intensity of pressure of the concomitant line that ice and vapor exist at the same time is 4.6mmHg the following. That is to say, in this intensity of pressure in order to enter the water with solid state polite voice two kinds of configuration exist, nonexistent liquid state.

Although be opposite,put on the ice at this moment heat, ice also won’t melt water, a can direct sublimate into vapor. According to this character, freeze royal jelly quickly below microtherm, below the vacuum condition that is less than 4.6mmHg in intensity of pressure next, supply sublimate is hot, direct sublimate becomes the exquisite ice crystal that makes royal jelly medium hydrosphere transgression. As a result of royal jelly dry fall at the condition of microtherm, not easy generation enrages reason in dry process bubble, oxidation, condense and a large number of destruction of biology active material, assured the character of product high quality thereby.

2. Machine flow

3. Machine craft

Royal jelly → adds water → agitate even → filters → cent installs → refrigerant →

→ of powder finished product is enclosed → smashs → vacuum evaporates

(The distilled water that waits for a quantity is added in 1) royal jelly, mix is even, reoccupy net of gauze of 100 eye nylon filters, eliminate its1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Medium impurity.

(In the tray that the royal jelly cent that 2) filters the course loads vacuum freeze-dry aircraft, the ply of royal jelly is 8 ~ 10mm, or load those who install bottle wearing to go up to bring bottle inside, of short duration not heal, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Put into freeze-dry indoor.

Pink of royal jelly freeze-dry suits a crowd

(3) vacuum low temperature is dry: Machine of actuate vacuum freeze-dry, reach the thermal drop of vacuum hothouse – 40 ℃ , make royal jelly is frozen quickly, spend vacuum control to be controlled in 10mmHg next, make royal jelly makings lukewarm maintain in – 25 ℃ fluctuate, the temperature control of condenser is in – 50 ℃ fluctuate, form greater evaporate steam pressure to differ, stimulative vapor eduction. Heat to freeze-dry room component at the same time, pass charging tray, stimulative water divides raising of things to a higher level. The sublimate heat that every Kg puts on the ice is 672 kilocalorie. The heat energy of 1 degree of report is 8Shanghai night net

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60 kilocalorie, so 1 degree of report can satisfy the heat energy need of 1kg water raising of things to a higher level. Vacuum low temperature is dry after undertaking the left and right sides 12 hours continuously, medium water divides royal jelly to already fell to 10% the left and right sides, right now preliminary already achieve dry goal, but still cannot save for a long time, must continue dry.

The temperature that can raise hothouse right now comes 30 ℃ , highest do not exceed 40 ℃ , continuously 4 ~ 5 hours, cent letting water evaporates quickly, make queen beeLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The moisture content of the oar is reduced 2% the left and right sides, complete dry process namely. The basis with whether dry royal jelly is: The vacuum of group and hothouse spends royal jelly powder and the shelf temperature that maintain constant temperature or pump to agree basically and can hold period of time.

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