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[how does pee do without effort? ] how does _ cause _ reason –

Article introduction

Having a lot of children is more piquant in the life at ordinary times, especially boy, like to stand into one micturition make water very much, and what compare the high make water of whose make water each other even is far. When uric fluid has, can shoot actually very far very tall, also have particular concern with healthy level. Among the life, very much middleaged male can find pass water do not have effort, so, pee does not have effort1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend 1000 beautiful net forum of ShanghaiHow to do?

Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

How does pee do without effort?

How does make water do feebly

One, : of scalloped pork or lamb kidneys of the bark of eucommia? ” gram of fine?15 of ǘ of fat Tong ⒋ , pig reins 1 pair, liquor 25 milliliter, green, gourmet powder, soy, garlic, ginger, salt, white sugar each are right amount. Make a way

: ? Ran  press or rub against? 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friendAbluent cut scalloped pork or lamb kidneys to put a bowl inside, add; of white sugar, salt, wine additional the bark of eucommia, plain in scalloped pork or lamb kidneys is being joined after breaking decoct to take concentrated juice. Use force baked wheaten cake heats up boiler, Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble Shanghai noble baby communicates an areaFry ripe, join dressing next can edible. Daily 1.

How does pee do without effort?

2, does fennel stew: of the kidney that boil? ?20 of ⌒ ≤ neodymium is overcome, pig waist 1 pair, green, ginger, salt, wine each are right amount. Make law: ? ? of Ran  press or rub against na[……]

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[pee organ of the female] _ woman _ is what kind of –

Article introduction

Sex of well-known men and womenForum of Shanghai night net Shanghai night netbody compose1000 beautiful community of Shanghai 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friendBuilding is different, pee organ of the male and sexual organs are same thing, and pee organ of the female has special urethral, sexual organs also has the vaginaLove Shanghai is the same as city forum Love Shanghai is the same as a cityShanghai noble baby communicates an area Forum of Shanghai noble baby, both although the position is very adjacent, but action differs completely. Also because of the female urethral exceedingly as adjacent as the vagina, disease of department of gynaecology is opposite also more. The article introduced relevant detailed case, will look.

Pee organ of the female

Actually a lot of females do not understand this, because of the female urethral actually very small, so a lot of people did not notice this possibly at ordinary times, generally speaking, the place of make water of female make water is to be in urethral, be located in the place of vaginal upper part namely. The body construction of female and male has very big distinction, so, the male includes her female to construct to the female’s body is not special understanding, accordingly, everybody feels to the place of female pee curiosity also is understandable. Actually the female’s anus, the vagina still has urethral be departure, this and male are having very big distinction.

Pee organ of the female

Shanghai Long Feng forum Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble
Make water of person make water is for certain speak from make water come, believe this everybody is understanding, but a lot of peopl[……]

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[how long be pregnant to you can do stream of people? ] how does _ of _ pregnant woman do –

Article introduction

If do not want the child but oneself were pregnant again unluckily, at that time to female friend it is one kind suffers simply. Before fortunately nevertheless stream of people also won’t resemble now, bother in that way and dangerous, especially of normal hospital without painful stream of people, won’t put in what accident circumstance, it is OK to after the woman was done, need to go back to recuperate for some time well only. So, how long be pregnant to you can do stream of people?

How long be pregnant to you can do stream of people?

Stream of people is optimal time

A kind art of inchoate induced abortion is contraceptive failure remedy measure commonly. Still compare style of small, uterus in embryonic development when not big, placenta had be notted form, art of use dilatation and curettage or negative pressure attract art to be able to be stopped gravid. So, is stream of people optimal is time when?

Stream of people is optimal time is pregnant commonly 9 Zhou Qian, want to be pregnant finally how to long can do stream of people certainly nevertheless, still get the result of a few examinations before referenced art. But if embryo is too big, when growing a skeleton even, also cannot suck it with the most good-sized straw, at this moment can be in hospital passes medicaments or water bursa induced labor first, after waiting for embryo and major placental eduction again clear palace.

How long be pregnant to you can do stream of people?

If induced labor fails, need clamp of have the aid of to blow art, Shanghai night net A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a cityUse applian[……]

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[infantile have loose bowels is what appearance] – of configuration of defecate of _ of darling of _ of _ have loose bowels

Article introduction

The infantile need parent that just was born is noticing observation more at ordinary times, once hair is existing and unusual when be about to made judgement in time whether have a disease, can understand what whether eat to suit especially through newborn defecate, should notice a new student more the situation that produces have loose bowels, but new student what appearance is have loose bowels? New student the meeting when have loose bowels is colored the change that go up, can the disease that this will come to judge generation, for instance indigestion.

Infantile have loose bowels is what appearance

New student defecate of have loose bowels is what kind of

1, physiology sex is rare: Mom needs reasonable raise, those who strengthen pair of darling nurse. The essence that notes darling, appetite, weight changes, need not manage somewhere else especially commonly.

2, feed is undeserved: Pa Mom should correct unscientific feed method. If correct hind, darling symptom still cannot be improved, answer to accept treatment to the hospital.

3, allergic to milk powder: Shanghai Long Feng forum Forum of baby of new Shanghai noblePa Mom cannot eat powdered milk blindly to darling, need is fed to new student darling according to the doctor’s prescription eat special powdered milk.

4, head cold: Pa Mom should intensify treating a cold to darling, if fear darling can appear dehydration symptom, answer to give profess to convinced fluid infusion appropriately.

5, virus or bacterial infection: Darling by annulus after shape v[……]

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[a knot in one’s heart of main and collateral channels can be kneaded] _ is small – of little skill of subtle move _

Article introduction

Some places that a lot of people discover him feel the case that has an a knot in one’s heart, especially the place that leg ministry skins, can have a knot in one’s heart with differ size, this and main and collateral channels are illogical have very big concern, but can be a knot in one’s heart of main and collateral channels kneaded? If insisting to have sth resembling a net of stimulate the menstrual flow, be OK get rid of disappear of these a knot in one’s heart. If this kind of case is more severe, the massagist that can choose major has the operation of main and collateral channels, a professional main and collateral channels is safer to the body.

 Can be a knot in one's heart of main and collateral channels kneaded

DredgeShanghai joins friendly company to touching with the citySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum Shanghai Long Feng forumClassify Forum of Shanghai night net10 of main and collateral channels subtle move

Do everyday, unobstructed of main and collateral channels 100 ill disappear!

1, roll acupuncture point of the brook after kneading: Protect cervical vertebra, lumbar

If you sit before computer, can put this position of acupuncture point of the brook after both hands on table edge, drive both hands with wrist, roll easily back and forth, can achieve exciting result.

Between scroll, it can have a kind of slight ache. Come with the time that takes out 3 minutes only everyday, conveniently is moved. Insist to come down to having very first-rate curative effect really to cervical vertebra, lumbar, very good also to protecting vision.

2, pa[……]

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[red point gives on darling body] – of origin of _ baby _

Article introduction

Darling is in small when the disease of respect of special and easy occurrence skin, because of body strength is poorer when baby is little, skin cutin layer is thinner, contract skin disease very easily, red dot can appear on the skin that a commonner kind of clinical expression is darling, these red dots may be eczema, allergic or of nettle rashForum of Shanghai night net Shanghai night netThe reason brings about, need when cure so first diagnose pathogeny, so how does red dot appear to should do on darling body?

Red point gives on darling body

Red place has on darling body, if be sporadic of isolated sex distributing, it is papule sex urticaria likely or bug bites dermatitis to bring about, general and local outside besmear breast of heart of Nai of a few ground creams cortisone of fourth perhaps acerbity hydrogen sulfide breeds it is OK to cream. But, if the red place area of darling is larger, and show diffuse of the gender, at the same time companion has give out heat or cry be troubled by wait for reaction, need goes to a hospital in time seeing a doctor, because this kind of circumstance is infection likely,the element is formed. This kind of infection also is the virus rash that virus is affected and forms likely, possible also of courseForum of Shanghai night net Shanghai night netIt is the eczema of sex of a kind of infection that the bacterium is affected and forms.

So, need to take seriously at that time, must go to a hospital seeing a doctor cure. Of course, possible also this kind red dot is only[……]

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[experienced the behavioral method with 2 best flesh] _ practice does – of _ what method

Article introduction

Bicipital exercises a method more, also be whole taking exercise is a the commonnest kind of method that take exercise among the process, because 2 flesh are more apparent, take exercise proper the effect that conduces to form of whole figure model, can use a few dumbbell to undertake taking exercise, additionally barbell of hammer type dumbbell takes exercise is commonner, and exercise bicipital moment, needs ground is exceedingly little also, take exercise rise to also compare handy.

Experienced the behavioral method with 2 best flesh

1, inclined board dumbbell turn is lifted

Will inclined board attune comes 45 ° horn, the two arms nature that lets you is flagging. you hind back is in inclined board on, force of lest have the aid of is inertial other perhaps position. The arm that carries you stands by your trunk, dumbbell swings to cause sarcous loss easily at will in aerial.

2, hammer type dumbbell is bentA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a cityArm

Those who emphasize particularly on is humerus the place of 2 flesh short head, also meet at the same time indirect forgeFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forumRefine arrives humerus oar flesh. You are OK single hand crosses humeral ministry, OK also two tactics palm is done together relatively. Note the alternative of dumbbell weight, how old weight can hurt your artifice.

Experienced the behavioral method with 2 best flesh

3, barbell turn is lifted

The purpose of this movement puts weight in humerus entirely namely above 2 flesh, avoiding barbell is exces[……]

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[crouch Zhuang Yang effect greatly how? ] _ aids – of action of in relief _

Article introduction

Believe everybody has been done crouch motion greatly, going up for instance gym when, sports teacher can guide everybody to do crouch motion greatly, before moving at ordinary times additionally, also can do a few crouch motion greatly to help warm up, be worth what carry is, broad office worker perhaps is in the office to be able to be done in the home at ordinary times crouch greatly, it is very easy that this movement is done, and have a lot of effect, so is the man done crouch greatly but with Zhuang Yang?

Crouch Zhuang Yang effect greatly how?

Crouch Zhuang Yang effect greatly:

The male crouchs greatly enhance sexual function apparently

In Greek Ao Lin be equal to inferior on hill, engraving a classical maxim: “Want to become an eligible man? Ran! ” carry kinetic energy enhances sexual function, it is beyond question, nevertheless Zhang Muchuan of graduate student of doctor of university of medicine of Beijing doctor of traditional Chinese medicine suggests, want to have better Zhuang Yang effect, best key is done do crouch greatly wait for movement of below half body.

For the angle from the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, “Kinetic energy gives birth to this world ” , the person can move the in relief gas of airframe below athletic condition, in relief gas is enough, men go up naturally in the bed ” tiger Hu Shengwei ” . And for the angle from Western medicine, carry kinetic energy promotes the activation of whole airframe nerve, muscle, internal system. Accordingly[……]

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